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Breaking The Silence: Truth And Lies In The War On Terror [Full]

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Libya Under Attack!!!!

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As i read a news lately, the new world war against “leadership” happened again in Muslim country. Yes, Libya!!!.

Why Libya this 2011? Its because of the reformation made by their peoples which is against  government of Libya? and the counter attack by the government army has attract attention of world so called “police” – Britain, France & US. Why this three countries has so much concern on Libya minority people who want the Libya Leader to step down from his position? I don’t think so.

As we can see, this riot has “secret agenda” . The agenda is to used the minority of opposition peoples to launch attacked against Libya Government. while the real “fire” behind all of this mess is comes from B.F.US. This three police has used UN to make their attack became LEGAL. These police who are really want Gadaffi to step down. As soon as he out of his position. Then these three polices will initiate their propaganda and agenda to control over this nation.

As we knows, few years back. Gadaffi is a strong leader and the West Country are afraid of him. Now, it is the time for them to pay back in LEGAl WAY!!!.

p/s: I hope the Islam Republic of Iran able to defense their country and i really hope that the rise of Iran in Middle East will bring more security and eliminated the West influence on OIL and GAS in the Middle East.

Squeezing Iran: Oil and sanctions

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Since the Islamic revolution in 1979 Iran’s relations with the West have been rocky.

GDP: Iran’s five-year economic development plans for 2000-2015 set a target of 8% growth for the country’s gross domestic production (GDP), but except for few years in this period, Iran’s economy has largely under-performed. It took a sharp fall in 2008 as a result of plummeting oil prices which followed global financial meltdown. Oil and gas exports constitute some 60% of Iran’s revenues.

Oil Production: While showing a slow but steady increase in the past 30 years, Iran’s oil production started to decline since 2005 due to lack of investment in developing current and new oil and gas fields. Iran’s complicated buy-back scheme and the country’s political situation have put off international oil companies from working with a country that sits on world’s fourth largest oil reserves.

Foreign investment: Iran’s official statistics for foreign direct investment have in the past few years been contradictory. Some official figures include memoranda of understanding which were never signed into contracts. But all statistics show a decline in foreign investment since President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took office in 2005. Unlike his reformist predecessor Mohammad Khatami who encouraged foreign investment, Mr Ahmadinejad’s defiant policies have discouraged foreigners from investing in Iran.


Iran Nuclear

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2009 fuel swap proposal

  1. Iran would have sent most of of its low-enriched (ie enriched to 3.5%) uranium to Russia for re-processing
  2. Uranium enriched in Russia to research reactor grade (20%) would have been returned to Iran as fuel rods
  3. The scheme would have removed Iran’s reasons to enrich uranium further
  4. Scheme fell apart after Iran started enriching uranium up to 20% in Feb 2010



Was Iran’s Election Stolen? New Study Makes a Convincing Case

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A report by the Chatham House in London and the Institute of Iranian Studies at St. Andrew’s University in Scotland shows that official Iranian election data raises many key questions about the June 12 vote.

By Dan Murphy | Correspondent 06.22.09

A statistical analysis of province-by- province voting in Iran’s June 12 presidential election makes a compelling case for wide-spread fraud in the vote that returned conservative President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to power and touched off days of bloody protests in Iran.

The report, “Preliminary Analysis of the Voting Figures in Iran’s 2009 Presidential Election” published by the Chatham House think tank in London and the Institute of Iranian Studies at St. Andrew’s University in Scotland, found instances of greater than 100 percent turnout in two provinces. It also found an improbable 90 percent turnout in four other provinces. The research was based official Iranian data.

In the immediate aftermath of the election, with defeated challenger Mir Hossein Mousavi and his supporters saying the election was stolen, political scientists cautioned that it was possible that Mr. Ahmadinejad had won, given the lack of accurate polling data before the election

Vastly different voting patterns

But the researchers found a pattern of voting widely at odds from past Iranian elections, including a surge in support for Ahmadinejad in rural areas where conservative candidates were deeply unpopular in Iran’s 1997, 2001, and 2005 elections.

In those elections “conservative candidates, and Ahmadinejad in particular, were markedly unpopular in rural areas,’’ the authors write. “That the countryside always votes conservative is a myth. The claim that this year Ahmadinejad swept the board in more rural provinces flies in the face of these trends.”

Ahmadinejad won more than 44 percent of reformist voters?

They also find that for Ahmadinejad’s support to be legitimate, in a third of Iran’s provinces he would have had to win over not only all of his former supporters, but all formerly centrist voters, all new voters, and “up to 44 percent of former reformist voters, despite a decade of conflict between these two groups.”

‘It’s the economy, stupid’

Juan Cole, a historian of the Middle East and an expert on Shiite Islam at the University of Michigan, called the results “fairly damning” noting that Iran’s economy has deteriorated sharply in the past year, something that almost always hurts incumbents in free and fair elections.

The paper also finds that while in past elections there were considerable differences in turnout from province to province, these regional differences declined sharply in the latest election. “The data seems to suggest that regional variations in participation have suddenly disappeared,’’ the authors wrote.

“This makes the lack of any sort of direct relationship between the provinces that saw an increase in turnout and those that saw a swing to Ahmadinejad all the more unusual,’’ they write. “The lack of a direct relationship makes the argument that Ahmadinejad won the election because of an increase in participation by a previously silent conservative majority somewhat problematic.”

Meanwhile on Monday, protestors continued to take to the streets of Tehran, though in small groups harried by riot police and helicopters. Iran’s highest elected authority, the Guardian Council, admitted on Monday to electoral “irregularities” in 50 of the nation’s 366 districts, but insisted that these problems were minor and did not effect the outcome of the election.

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Buku : Ahmadinejad : Singa Baru Dunia Islam

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Buku ini mengisahkan mengenai sejarah Iran, Pemerintahan Iran, Ketenteraan, Individu berpegaruh, Revolusi Iran, Islam, Politik dan Isu-isu berkaitan Iran.

Ditulis oleh Muhsin Labib, Ibrahim Muharam, Musa Kazhim dan Akfian Hamzah.

Iran : Nuklear

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“Sekiranya nuklear ini dikatakan buruk dan kami tidak dapat memiliknya, kenapa anda sebagai kuasa terkuat boleh memilikinya? Sebaliknya apabila nuklear ini sesuatu keperluan bagi Amerika maka ia juga keperluan bagi kami.” Kata beliau tegas. Beliau juga menyatakan yang Amerika sebagai “penjahat” yang tidak lama lagi akan jatuh seperti air pancut.


Muhsin Labib, Ibrahim Muharam, Musa Kazhim & Alfian Hamzah. (2008)A. Ahmadinejad : Singa Baru Dunia Islam. Batu Caves: PTS Islamika

Iran: Minyak

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Hasil minyak menjadikan pembangunan Iran bejalan lancar dibawah pemerintahan Syah Pahveli. Pada tahun 1963, penerimaan minyak Iran melonjak US$ 550 juta dan naik berlipat kali ganda menjadi US$1.2 juta pada tahun 1970. Iran hampir mengalahkan ekonomi China pada ketika itu.


Muhsin Labib, Ibrahim Muharam, Musa Kazhim & Alfian Hamzah. (2008)A. Ahmadinejad : Singa Baru Dunia Islam. Batu Caves: PTS Islamika


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Azarakhsh is the new beginning of Iran Revolution in which bring the meaning of “Lightning” for Iran fighter plane.

Iran has manipulated and modified the Azarakhsh technology from F-4 & F-5 fighter aircraft from US. It is said to be a 10 to 15 percent larger than the F-5. In April 1997, Iranian Brigadier General Arasteh, a deputy head of the General Staff of the Armed Forced claimed that Iran had successfully designed, constructed and tested the Azarakhsh. 

In 2000, Iran already has four examples of the Azarakhsh. As in 2001, the number of inventory increased to six of them and Iran believe that they will have about 30 aircrafts over the following three years. 

According to latest news, Iran will produce Azarakhsh in industrial scale (mass production) after successfully tested since 1997. 

Azarakhsh fighter plane is believed able to reach it cruising speed of Mach 1.6 and range of 600 km.   

By Suhaizam Zahri 9 August 2007 Sungai Petani, Kedah

Iran & “Azarakhsh”

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Azarakhsh (Lightning)

Iran pada ketika ini merupakan sebuah Negara Islam yang maju dari sudut persenjataan dan kelengkapan ketenteraannya. Adalah memalukan bagi Malaysia yang mempunyai pelbagai sumber dan tenaga manusia yang mempunyai pelbagai kepakaran tidak mampu mengeluarkan dan menjual persenjataan ketenteraan kepada pihak luar. 

Berdasar kepada pembacaan saya (penulis), akhbar kompak Kosmo keluaran 7 Ogos 2007 muka surat 52 telah melaporkan bahawa Iran sedang berusaha untuk mengeluarkan jet pejuangnya dalam skala industri. Hal ini memang mengejutkan kerana ia merupakan Negara Islam pertama yang mengeluarkan jet pejuang. 

Jet pejuang tersebut yang diberi nama ”Azarakhsh” telah melalui ujian pada tahun 2006 dan yang paling mengejutkan ia dihasilkan melalui teknologi yang dikutip daripada kompenan pesawat pejuang AS. Iran sudah melangkah maju dengan mengamalkan strategi dan pemikiran yang diamalkan oleh orang Jepun yang selama ini terkenal dengan strategi mereka menghantar rakyatnya untuk mempelajari ilmu dari barat dan membawa pulang ke Jepun. Hasilnya, keluarlah pelbagai jenama kereta dan motosikal. 

Nilai yang bakal diperolehi jika Iran menjualnya kepada 50 negara seluruh dunia dianggarkan RM 340 juta (AS$ 100 juta). 

Justeru, negara-negara Islam yang lain sepatutnya melihat pekara ini sebagai satu yang positif dan bergabung membentuk pakatan strategik dalam usaha menakutkan dan mengebalkan kedudukan mereka dari kuasa besar barat seperti UK, US, Perancis, Jerman, Rusia dan lain-lain lagi. Tetapi yang berlaku adalah sebaliknya, negara-negara Islam takut apabila melihat negara Islam yang lain berkuasa lebih. Sepatutnya mereka mengambil kesempatan tersebut untuk menyokong dan berlindung seperti apa yang dilakukan oleh Israel dan Amerika. ~szm~ 

Oleh Suhaizam Zahri8 Ogos 2007Sungai Petani, Kedah