Gun-Toting Sentry Robot

In South Korea on August 9, 2007 at 5:39 am


Recently, South Korea has announced new weapon cum guard (robot) and called it as “Gun-Toting Sentry Robot”. This robot could support troops patrolling the heavily-fortified border with North Korea.


Able to distinguishes between humans, cars or trees at 2 km (day) and 1 km (night) 

Weapon Interface

Fire rifles or light machine gun and has anti-theft alarm. 


Spots moving objects up to 4 km (day) and 2 km (night). 


US$200, 000 (RM680, 000) 




South Korea Government injected about 100 billion Won (RM360 Billion) into this industry every year since 2004. Korea Government project involving in developing software and technological standard for robot models which are compatible with communications networks and electronics equipment. 

Behind all this latest and advanced technologies, what can we expect from South Korea for betterment of world peace? How can this robotic machine able to save human kind from war madness or terrorism attack? 

The agenda is simple, “Money, Money, & Power”. If South Korea able to produce that robot in mass scale production, obviously it will inject lot of money into South Korea. Why? Because It all about war and military business that so lucrative to nation who has expertise and power.  

Here I want to ask a simple question. Why Malaysian unable to produce such technologies for at least something in small scale. As far as I know, Malaysia has more than 20 public and private colleges and universities that for sure Malaysia able to produce something beneficial to it peoples.  

Malaysia does a lot of program that wasting much of tax payer money. Using slogan of “Malaysia Boleh” and “World Record” to establish the name of “Malaysia”. Those program such as Antarctica Expedition, Everest Expedition, North Pole Expedition and etc program which using slogan to promote Malaysia in the eyes of the world is totally wasting. Why don’t Malaysia invest the entire fund to something beneficial to Malaysia and it peoples? 

Why don’t they give all the money to people who really need it for example poor, disabilities, and to any NGO’s who need money to run their programs?  

Lastly, world as we can see today are getting worse with war, poverty, natural disaster, environmental issues, and much more. We need only one thing in mind. Creative thinking and strategic negotiation and resolution in any matter.  

by Suhaizam Zahri 9 August 2007 Sungai Petani, Kedah 


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